Secondary Barrenness

  Our first attempt at having a child ended in miscarriage.   This was 1995.  It was a devastating loss and as I lay on the sofa one day healing, the Holy Spirit said, “Get up and go to ORU”.   We lived in Tulsa at the time just about a mile from Oral Roberts University and so I got up and made the drive. Once there, having no further instructions, I went to the gift store.  There was no one there.  I walked around looking at the items for sale and wondered what my next move was to be.  Shortly, a … Continue reading Secondary Barrenness

The Righteous Judge

Jesus told them a picture-story to show that men should always pray and not give up. He said, “There was a man in one of the cities who was head of the court. His work was to say if a person was guilty or not. This man was not afraid of God. He did not respect any man.  In that city, there was a woman whose husband had died. She kept coming to him and saying, ‘Help me! There is someone who is working against me.’  For a while he would not help her. Then he began to think, ‘I am not afraid … Continue reading The Righteous Judge

The Handprint

I hear them whispering outside my bedroom door. Hear their father whisper “No. Not today. Maybe she’ll be better tomorrow.”  It is the same everyday. I consider going out there.  I think a good mother would do that. Go reassure them, tell them everything is going to be all right and then see to it that everything is all right. I pull the covers back over my head. Maybe tomorrow I will be better.  Maybe tomorrow I can reassure them. Maybe tomorrow I will be able to deal with the disappointment that is written all over their faces. But not today.  Today I wish they … Continue reading The Handprint