Secondary Barrenness

  Our first attempt at having a child ended in miscarriage.   This was 1995.  It was a devastating loss and as I lay on the sofa one day healing, the Holy Spirit said, “Get up and go to ORU”.   We lived in Tulsa at the time just about a mile from Oral Roberts University and so I got up and made the drive. Once there, having no further instructions, I went to the gift store.  There was no one there.  I walked around looking at the items for sale and wondered what my next move was to be.  Shortly, a … Continue reading Secondary Barrenness

The Unexpected, Unplanned, Undeserved Interruption

My husband was shot six days after we were married. It was an accident; the gun wasn’t supposed to be loaded. We never really found out how it happened. There were too many people with too much to drink and too many guns and the sheriff never told us the results of the ballistics test. We were with a group of friends at a hunting cabin in the piney woods of East Texas for the weekend. We came to hunt armadillos and squirrels. We had returned from the woods with just enough squirrels for dinner. Donny and some others were … Continue reading The Unexpected, Unplanned, Undeserved Interruption