A New Name?

Don’t call me Naomi” she told them. “Call me Mara, because the Almighty has made my life very bitter. Ruth 1:20   She followed her man. What else could she do?  Famine had taken hold of her land and all that was familiar was rapidly changing before her eyes. Besides, it’s only temporary, she told herself.  Once the famine is over, they will be back. She packed up her belongings and told her two sons to do the same. Then saying goodbye to Bethlehem, she followed her husband to Moab. Her name was Naomi which meant pleasantness. Her life became anything … Continue reading A New Name?

The Handprint

I hear them whispering outside my bedroom door. Hear their father whisper “No. Not today. Maybe she’ll be better tomorrow.”  It is the same everyday. I consider going out there.  I think a good mother would do that. Go reassure them, tell them everything is going to be all right and then see to it that everything is all right. I pull the covers back over my head. Maybe tomorrow I will be better.  Maybe tomorrow I can reassure them. Maybe tomorrow I will be able to deal with the disappointment that is written all over their faces. But not today.  Today I wish they … Continue reading The Handprint