Remember the day when we first met?  I do.  I remember the sunshine and the sound of the creek as it rolled by.  I remember your tears.  I saw your pain, your confusion.  You lost all hope that day, remember? But you called out to me, remember that?  You called out through the tears.  Your words were barely audible, but I heard them. And when you were out of words and out of tears remember how I held you? Remember the peace we shared that day – sweet, heavy, lingering?  Did you hear the angels in heaven rejoicing that day?  I … Continue reading Remember?


Tomorrow I did it again! How did I do that? Why did I let that happen? I meant to. I wanted to. But the day just got away from me And I knew You’d be there – later. When did You go from being first in my life to being an “Also Ran”? Dinner wouldn’t wait but You did. The boss needed me early what could I say? Work, family, dinner, garden, getting groceries, laundry where did the time go? Why didn’t You speak louder? Why is it so easy to have You wait when my life won’t? I come … Continue reading Tomorrow