Through My Mother’s Eyes

I had a dream one night.  In this dream, I woke up to find  a woman sitting in a chair by my bed.  She had been watching me sleep, for how long, I don’t know.  She was looking at me with total love and adoration in her eyes.  Her face radiated with pride.  I felt the love she felt; it was almost palpable.   But I was puzzled as I didn’t know who this woman was.  She looked familiar but I couldn’t place her. She looked like my mother but I knew she wasn’t my mother. How did I know this?  Because … Continue reading Through My Mother’s Eyes

The Unexpected, Unplanned, Undeserved Interruption

My husband was shot six days after we were married. It was an accident; the gun wasn’t supposed to be loaded. We never really found out how it happened. There were too many people with too much to drink and too many guns and the sheriff never told us the results of the ballistics test. We were with a group of friends at a hunting cabin in the piney woods of East Texas for the weekend. We came to hunt armadillos and squirrels. We had returned from the woods with just enough squirrels for dinner. Donny and some others were … Continue reading The Unexpected, Unplanned, Undeserved Interruption

The Handprint

I hear them whispering outside my bedroom door. Hear their father whisper “No. Not today. Maybe she’ll be better tomorrow.”  It is the same everyday. I consider going out there.  I think a good mother would do that. Go reassure them, tell them everything is going to be all right and then see to it that everything is all right. I pull the covers back over my head. Maybe tomorrow I will be better.  Maybe tomorrow I can reassure them. Maybe tomorrow I will be able to deal with the disappointment that is written all over their faces. But not today.  Today I wish they … Continue reading The Handprint