All Means All

…great multitudes followed Him, and He healed them all. 

Matthew 12:15

Working with kids sometimes makes me question if there is something wrong with my speech!  I think I am saying the right words but I get ignored or just get these blank looks.  Sometimes, they say, “Oh, I heard you but I thought you meant…,” and I am left scratching my head.  Perhaps you too, have questioned where the communication went wrong between you and someone else.  More than once, I have asked to myself, “What part of ‘NO’ didn’t they understand?”

Ok, so I will be honest here.  Sometimes, I stumble on the word all in this passage.  It is hard to get my brain around the fact that Jesus healed ALL, especially when I know of so many faith-filled people who have not received their healing, including me.  What part of ALL am I just not getting?

I don’t know, I wish I could answer that question.  What I do get from this passage is that Jesus was a magnet for hurting people.  The Pharisees and the Sadducees had little use for Him.  People with all the answers were rebuked, and people without answers, other than Jesus, were healed.  Personally, I would rather have Jesus and healing than all the answers the Pharisees thought they had.  Knowledge does not always help us see the kingdom of God, humility, however, does.  I am wary of people who can quickly answer the why questions.  These people who came to Jesus had not just attended a healing seminar, had not been regular church-goers or tithers, had not sent in seed money to a ministry, had not even professed the name of Jesus as Lord and Savior.  He did not ask them their beliefs about diving healing or ask for a promise of loyalty, nor did He say they deserved to be sick or that sickness was just a tool that God used to teach them higher truths.

He just healed them… ALL!

Many will tell you that your healing depends on your faith or your confession or the amount of money you send a ministry, but I don’t see Jesus saying those things.  I think… and I could be wrong, and you can graciously tell me so… that Jesus simply wants us to come to Him.

Maybe the reason we don’t see more healings is that in our efforts to have answers and to make formulas and to have excuses to offer when someone isn’t healed, we have made coming to Jesus for healing more complicated than He made it.  The people who were healed that day saw in Jesus compassion, grace, mercy and forgiveness with no strings attached.  Do we see Him that way?

Jesus, Healer, Comforter, Friend, how merciful You are.  When my approach to You is anything less than simple humility, will You remind me of Your compassion and Your willingness to heal ALL?  I am one of those “all” who need Your healing touch.  Thank You for Your kindness and compassion and for accepting me just the way I am.  Help me to accept You just the way You are, I ask in Your name, Amen.

pic credit: Kids Club for Jesus

2 thoughts on “All Means All

  1. I’ve always seen the coming to Him as the step of faith or demonstration of faith in His sight. It’s simple childlike taking Him for His Word faith. In His own town, they wouldn’t come to Him AKA unbelief so they rejected Him, His will, and their healing for themselves through unbelief.

    The Word is the seed for our faith, and since He is the Word, He is also the Source of our faith. He continually gets all the glory! He made is simple like you said. Receiving healing is like receiving salvation. By grace through faith (believing in the heart) not of works, a free gift. It’s a heart thing. Definitely not a “do” thing like tithing. Romans 10:9-10. God is good!

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