The Unstoppables!

What then shall we say to these things? If God is for us, who can be against us?

Romans 8:31

Here in the Pacific Northwest, it rains a lot. Rain is pouring down as I write. Fox 12 News launched their new promos calling all of us rain-drenched Northwesterners the Unstoppables, proclaiming that we don’t let the rain stop us, we continue with our plans regardless of the rain. I have to admit, that when it comes to doing things in the rain, I am somewhat stoppable.

For a number of years, I let pain stop me. I felt powerless and unable to continue to do the simple things I had taken for granted. This lasted for a long season (ten years).  Now that I am better, I feel the spirit of unstoppable rising in me. Through this season of pain, I came to know at a deeper level than I have ever know before that God is for me. And if He is, who or what can be against me and win?

What is making you feel stoppable now?  Financial concerns, a disease, a diagnosis, a persistent, chronic condition that has limited your life, a relationship that has gone terribly wrong?  Whatever it is, however large and insurmountable it seems right now, God is for you.

So, how does that play out in an ordinary day? For me, it was recognizing that I am not alone. I’ll be honest, in the beginning of this trial, when I would call out to God to help me, He was strangely silent. I felt abandoned, hurt, betrayed and alone. I could read a verse like this one and think, yeah, great, maybe for others, but not for me. Or, and I am not proud of this, what good is it that God is on my side, if He does nothing. Ever think thoughts like that?

I took my feelings to God, sometimes crying, sometimes begging, sometimes yelling, sometimes scolding. And He remained silent and the pain persisted. I finally decided that I would choose to believe that He was there, that perhaps He had purposes that I couldn’t understand, purposes that would be better met if I walked this path trusting that He was there even when He didn’t remove the pain or answer my prayers. I wasn’t easy.  Every time I tried reading the Bible, I could only read a verse or two before closing it. I felt like I was up a brick wall. But I stayed with it.  And soon I could read several verses at a time. 

I have discovered from this that God is for me. God is for you. He is with me.  He is with you. At all times, we have to take that by faith and trust in His goodness even if the circumstances of our life have not changed. I know that with God on my side, I am UNSTOPPABLE! Can you say the same?

Thank You, God, for being with me, for being for me, for being my Healer, my Champion, my Comforter, my Ever-Present Help. You and I both know that I don’t always see You that way. Forgive me, please, I felt so alone when my prayers seemed unanswered and You seemed so far away. I can see now that You were there and You were guiding me into a deeper relationship with You, one that is about more than just me and my needs. Thank You for loving me enough to wait for me. Thank You for the healing You have brought into my life and the healing that is still to come. With You I am unstoppable and I am grateful. Amen.

photo credit: 102.7 kord

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