The Freeze Game

No weapon that is formed against you will prosper; 

Isaiah 54:17

A couple of weeks ago at work, the kids were playing the Freeze Game. This is a game they made up and if I understand the rules correctly, if the “Freezer” pointed his his freeze machine (his hand) at you and made a slight hissing noise then you were frozen.  I don’t know for how long. 

A five year old approached me with his freeze machine pointed at me and said he was going to freeze me.  

I asked him if he knows what the Bible says.

He said no.

I paraphrased this verse from Isaiah and said, The Bible says that no weapon pointed at me will win!  

He looked at his hand, looked at me and fell like a limp doll to the ground and lay there – frozen!  

When he thawed out, we both laughed about it.  

This gave me such a visual of our standing with God and what should be our standing when the enemy points his weapon at us.  

Turns out I needed this because several days later, I was diagnosed with cancer. When the doctor told me the news I immediately pictured that young boy falling over to the ground upon hearing the truth – NO weapon formed against me will prosper!

Not even cancer!

This verse goes on to say this:  

And every tongue that accuses you in judgment you will condemn. This is the heritage of the servants of the LORD, And their vindication is from Me,” declares the LORD.

We haven’t been left defenseless.  Nothing can come against us that takes God by surprise; that leaves Him questioning what to do now. He is not only our defense attorney when the charges come against us, but He is the Judge.  He has said No weapon and I believe He means just that. 

Whatever the weapon that the enemy has pointed at you, know that God declares it won’t win!

Father God, thank you for being my defense attorney and the one and only Judge that rules over all. I praise You that no weapon pointed at me, including cancer, can win because You are on my side!  When doubts arise and symptoms whisper “I’m still here” help me to remember that You are my healer, my great physician and when the gavel comes down, I will be declared vindicated.  To You and only You be the glory, amen. 

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