Amazing Grace


This is amazing grace

This is unfailing love

That You would take my place

That You would bear my cross

You’d lay down Your life

That I would be set free

Oh, Jesus, I sing for All that You’ve done for me

Who brings our chaos back into order

Who makes the orphan a son and daughter

The King of Glory, the King of Glory

This song by Phil Wickham has been running through my mind lately. Amazing grace, unfailing love –  are those ever anything we could take for granted? To think that someone, anyone would take my place, bear my cross, lay down their life for me so that I could be set free?   Who would do such a thing?

Only Jesus, the King of Glory!

Remember back in the day, when a popular comment was “oh, that’s heavy, man”? Heavy meaning of great importance or great revelation or power, something beyond our natural ability to even get our minds around. That’s one implication of the word glory.

This word glory in the Bible days would have been used to describe someone what had great clout, great power, great weight of riches or position. Glory referred to the sum total of who someone was and what he possessed in terms of position, honor, power, and riches.

Jesus, the King of Glory, Jesus who had it all, all power, all honor, all riches, all clout, surrendered it all to take my place, my lowly, unweighty, unglorious place. Why? So I could be set free, so that the chaos of my life would become order, so that I could now be called a daughter, a daughter of the Most High God.

That truly is amazing grace, isn’t it? He saved us because of His unfailing love.

Instead of feeling that you have value and worth, are you feeling the weight of the world? Feeling abandoned, forgotten, forsaken, overlooked, anything and everything, but not glorious, not free? Could you let this thought play through your head, let it sink into your heart and bring healing – the King of Glory loves you, so much so, that He allowed your sins to be put on Him so that you could be free of them. Where else are you going to find someone who loves you enough to stand in your place of judgment and bear the penalty of your sins? I don’t know anyone but Jesus who would do that for me. That’s amazing grace, unfailing love!

Jesus, King of Glory, how amazing is Your grace and Your unfailing love. I can’t get my mind around it that You would give that up for me, so that I could be free. Thank You for bearing my cross. When I try to pick it up and shoulder it by myself, would You remind me that You have done that, it isn’t mine anymore? And when I take Your grace for granted, would You forgive me and help me to see that I am doing that? I am so grateful for the order You have brought into my chaos and the freedom You purchased for me. Forever Yours, I love You. Amen.

I would love to hear from you. Please let me know if I can be praying for you as well.


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