Approach Like Bubba


There is therefore now no condemnation for those who are in Christ Jesus.  Romans 8:1

This morning, I put my dogs outside and sat down to read my morning devotion.  It was about this verse in Romans.  I’ve read this verse many times but today I saw it more clearly than ever before.

When I went to let my dogs back in, I noticed that they were over in the garden area where they know not to be.  I wanted them to come back into the house and I even had a small treat for them.  They heard the door open and heard me call their name. Bubba popped his head up and came running.  Chloe, on the other hand, lifted her head slowly and her shoulders dropped a bit.  She didn’t head towards me.  I had to call her name several times.  This is not usual for Chloe unless she feels guilty.  After a little coaxing, she started walking slowly to the house, her head down.  After more coaxing, I was able to give her her treat and she returned to her normal happy state.  That’s when I saw this verse so clearly.  Bubba was just as wrong as Chloe but he still approached me with eager anticipation of what I may have for him.  Chloe, because of guilt, couldn’t look at me and wouldn’t approach to take the treat from my hand.

How many times have I approached God like Chloe did me?  Keenly aware of my guilt and hesistant to come near to God to receive what He freely offers me?  Because Jesus took my sin on the cross, my approach to God should more like Bubba’s approach to me.  Free, eager and willing to receive.

When I am focused on my failings, my sins and my shortcomings, I feel condemned and unworthy of receiving anything from God.  My approach to Him is hesitant, faltering.  But because Jesus took it all – all my sin and all my shame on the cross, there is no condemnation for me.  He was condemned in my place.  Like Bubba, I can eagerly approach Him with no condemnation what-so-ever.  I can eagerly receive what He has to offer me.  But first, I have to believe in and accept His offer of grace, freely given for me.  Grace to be forgiven and grace to live a life free of condemnation.

Precious Jesus, Savior, Friend, how awesome it is to think of the sacrifice You made for me.  Made so that I can freely approach the throne of grace and find help in my time of need.  There is no condemnation for me, thank You for taking that for me.  Thank You, that like Bubba, I can come eagerly to Your presence and receive from Your hand all that You died to offer me.  Thank You, thank You, thank You.  Amen

I would love to hear from you. Please let me know if I can be praying for you as well.


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