Spoiler Alert


I make known the end from the beginning

Isaiah 46:10

Kids I work with are quite fond of issuing Spoiler Alerts!  They seem to enjoy ruining the ending of a movie for someone who hasn’t seen it yet.  Most of us would probably agree that anticipating the ending is a favorite part of movie watching.  We don’t want someone ruining that for us.

But what about real life?  When we are going through difficult times, wouldn’t we really just love it if someone, anyone could tell us the ending of the nightmare?  Likewise, knowing where we are in the story could prove useful.  Are we still in the opening scenes, are we halfway through or is the ending just around the corner?

Currently, our world is experiencing a pandemic.  Questions abound but the answers are dubious.  No one really seems to be able to do more than make educated guesses. Googling the questions only leads to more frustration.  Please someone spoil the ending for us all and let us know how this plays out is the cry of my heart!

This verse from Isaiah reminds us that God knows how this pandemic plays out, when the end date is and what our new “normal” will look like.  For reasons I can’t explain, He hasn’t chosen to reveal those answers to us. Yet.

Which leaves us with two choices:  keep looking for answers that aren’t there to find and experience the confusion, frustration, and angst that goes with that or look to the one who is the answer and experience the peace that can be found only in Him.

Easier said than done, I know.


I am reminded of Paul when he was imprisoned.  His “quarantine” was enforced upon him like ours was but unlike ours, he wasn’t able to stay in the comfort of his own home. He was locked in a cell. He didn’t have Netflix to binge on or even a phone to use to stay in contact with loved ones. He did, however, have the same two choices we have today. Drive himself crazy with unanswered questions or draw nearer to God.

We know from the books that he wrote that are now part of the New Testament that he chose to draw nearer to God.

Father, in this time of uncertainty, help us to remember that You are in control.  Be with those who have lost loved ones because of this pandemic and be their Comforter. Help us all when the questions start to bombard our brain to remember that the only answers we really need right now can be found in You. Help us to hear Your still, small voice in the midst of the cacophony of speculations.  Be our peace, in Jesus’ name, amen. 

I would love to hear from you. Please let me know if I can be praying for you as well.







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