The Hardness Scale


“I am the Lord. I am the God of all people. Is anything too hard for me?”

Jeremiah 32:27

Some years back in our homeschool journey, we studied Mohs Hardness Scale. This scale is used to identify mineral specimens by comparing their hardness to the ten minerals on the scale. Talc is the least hard with diamonds being the hardest and knife-blades and fingernails and copper pennies and other minerals falling somewhere in between.

A scale like this apparently works for mineral identification but it made me realize that I have a tendency to put God’s ability to perform a miracle on my behalf on a hardness scale. Things like healing from a headache may be a one, healing from cancer a 10, saving a loved one, maybe a 7, helping me hold my tongue a 12.5 and so on.

This verse tells us, though, and this would be God speaking, that nothing is too hard for Him. Nothing. Not cancer, not a marriage that seems to be falling apart, not turning an ugly financial picture around, not bringing home that wayward child, not releasing one from an addiction. Nothing. Nothing is too big to believe for and nothing is so small that we can’t “bother” God with it. He cares about the worries and the fears and the doubts that would rob of us a blessed journey.

I find this to be a tremendously great miracle – the Lord, the God of all people, cares about you and me and knows the situation we find ourselves in. And because of His great love for us, He steps in. He intervenes. He sent Jesus to show us the way to Him, and when Jesus was crucified, dead and buried, God raised Him up and seated Him at His own right hand where Jesus lives to intercede for us.  What a tremendous miracle that the God of all people cares that much about even one person, me. And you.

If God would give us that great a miracle, why would anything less be too difficult for Him?  Why would He withhold anything from us when He has already given us His best?

Whatever the difficulty you are going through, know that God hasn’t forgotten you, He hasn’t abandoned you, He still has great plans for your life and nothing, absolutely nothing is too hard for Him to take care of.

You are the Lord, the God of all people, and yet You hear me when I cry out to You. You are intimately acquainted with all my ways and You know the best way to help me through this time. Nothing is too hard for you, and my concerns aren’t too little for You. Thank You for seeing me, knowing me, loving me, and taking care of me. Forgive me please, for the times I have seen an obstacle as too hard, too insurmountable and felt despair instead of faith and hope, forgive me for ranking Your abilities according to my definition of hard. Open the eyes of my heart that I might see You bigger than anything that can come against me. In Jesus’ name. Amen. 

I would love to hear from you.  Please let me know if I can be praying for you as well.



5 thoughts on “The Hardness Scale

  1. Commenting as Cindy
    P.S. I’ve been going through a very difficult time, emotionally, lately. I’m discouraged (about EVERYTHING!), disillusioned, depressed, disgusted and ashamed of my attitude, guilty to be feeling so self-centered, see no way out, see myself as doomed, see no good future…and on and on, to the point that it’s absolutely sickening how down and self-pitied I am! Yuck! I’m so sick of ME!
    Your words spoke very loudly to me: “Why would He withhold anything from us when He has already given us His best?” …and, “He hasn’t abandoned you, He still has great plans for your life.” That’s when I burst out with crying. And, again, in the prayer.
    Please, God, I really DO love you and still trust You, though, my “trust meter” is almost on E. Yes, Lord, I know what You said, it’s just easier sometimes to agree with the bad, instead of fighting against it. It’s so easy to believe that I’m a failure and selfish, rather than taking a stand against the enemy. Yes, I KNOW he is a liar and that he is the one telling me I’m nothing. Jesus, I know You died for ME. I can’t imagine why. But, please help me to accept Your love and believe that Your promises are still in force. I love You Lord. Help me to love You more.

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    1. I struggle with these thoughts myself. One of the verses that has helped me probably more than any other verse when it comes to this is the one from Psalm 23 where it says He restores my soul. I need to rest in the knowledge that He will restore my mind, my will, my emotions. Because if it were up to me I’d be a mess forever. I am keeping you in my prayers.

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      1. Commenting as Cindy
        Thank you Diane.

        I feel some better today. I told the devil off yesterday, instead of going with what he was telling me over and over. Thank you for your prayers—they must be strengthening me, along with my hubby’s prayers. I also pray for you. Sometimes life is too much and we need each other’s prayers, right? I know that’s true.

        Because I don’t love me, it’s hard to see how others would love me. I need to keep saying the name of Jesus because I know how satan hates—and fears— that name, and he flees at the mention of that powerful Name.

        It’s TOO easy to go with the flow. But, I MUST fight for my mental and, especially, my spiritual health. Jesus truly is the answer, but I have to implement the tools He’s given us (Ephesians 6)— I need to: Put on the full armor of God: stand my ground, stand firm with God’s truth, God’s righteousness covers my heart, His peace is in me by His Spirit, faith to extinguish satan’s flaming arrows, my salvation, and God’s Word.

        My downfall is that when I get depressed, I shut down. I believe the lies of satan. I don’t read my Bible. I don’t come against the enemy with the Word. So, I ALLOW the devil to trample all over me until I am flat on the ground. Then it’s hard to try to get up and get back on my feet to fight.

        Your blog is a blessing to me: You remind me of God’s love for me, His promises, His truth. Thank you my good friend. —Cindy

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