Don’t Panic!

Here is a beautiful post from a new friend of mine.

“I have noticed that a man is usually about as happy as he has made up his mind to be.”

This quote is a well-known adage that many attribute to Abraham Lincoln. It is debatable as to whether it was really he who said it; however, the truth of the saying still stands.

We have a choice as to whether we will be optimistic or worried; whether we believe the best about someone, something, a course of events or assume the worst. We have the option of trusting that good will prevail or believing that bad will overcome.

We, who call ourselves Americans, who live in the greatest nation on earth—even with her flaws, are entitled to certain freedoms; one of which is the freedom of choice.

Our freedoms in this country are, sadly, taken for granted; I would speculate that the average person gives little thought…

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