Perfect Storm? Perfect Peace!


Then He arose and rebuked the wind, and said to the sea, “Peace, be still!”

And the wind ceased and there was a great calm.  But He said to them, “Why are you so fearful? How is it that you have no faith?”   Mark 4:39-40

I grew up in Houston, Texas and we spent summers in Galveston.  Hurricane season was nothing to be taken lightly down there.  But as a kid, I remember some fun things about them.  I remember playing in the streets when the water in them was flooded to knee deep.  Once driving from Galveston to Houston trying to beat a hurricane, I remember seeing water from the freeway coming into the floorboard of our car, it was so deep.  Cars all around us were stalled and my mom’s hands were white from gripping the steering wheel, but if she was scared, she never said a word.  I thought it was crazy fun!  It was fun being in the house with flashlights and candles because the power went out and windows boarded up and best of all, school closures.  As a kid, wow, hurricanes were all that!

I’ve grown up; I don’t think hurricanes are much fun anymore.  I understand now the terror they can strike in a person’s heart and the fear and worry they produce, even in a place like Houston which is relatively prepared for them.

Storms happen.  Storms could be these acts of nature or they could be more personal – financial concerns, declining health, a child on drugs, a mate that leaves, or a diagnosis that just leaves one blindsided.  Storms tend to change the course of our lives.  One minute we know where we are going and the next – we’re just lost and struggling to keep going.

We are no different from the disciples. We can know from past experiences that Jesus can calm any storm that blows our way.  But, like the disciples, we can forget that when another storm hits.  The disciples had witnessed miracles and listened to Jesus teach and still were afraid and their faith was shaken.  And Jesus was visibly in the boat!  Sleeping, yes, but He was right there! It is all too easy in the midst of a storm to lose sight of our anchor – Jesus.

Jesus calmed that storm with just three words, “Peace, be still!”

Jesus, the calmer of our storms, still uses His words to bring peace in our lives.  The question is, will we take Him at His word when the storm hits? Or like the disciples, will we tremble with fear?

Jesus, thank You for all the storms You have calmed on my behalf.  Thank You for all the times You were with me in those storms, even when I didn’t see You as big enough, loving enough, kind enough to be my peace through them.  Sometimes, I forget that when You are with me I do not need to be afraid.  Sometimes, I forget that You are with me always.  Sometimes, I forget that Your words have power enough to bring peace into any situation I face. Forgive me, I pray, and thank You for being all that for me. Amen.

I would love to hear from you. Please let me know if I can be praying for you as well.


6 thoughts on “Perfect Storm? Perfect Peace!

  1. Thanks for this! I have just been praying about why I cannot seem to get this ‘peace that passes understanding’ working in a consistent way in my life! I too grew up with hurricanes (Long Island, NY). I thought they were fun as a kid, too – but after Sandy, it was a whole new nightmare! But Jesus is the same one who can speak Peace, that easily to my internal storms. Thanks for giving me something to meditate upon!


  2. Diane,

    I, too, grew up with hurricanes, here in Florida. I remember thinking how exciting it was to hear the rush of the relentless winds, see the amazing horizontal torrential rains, experience the magical candlelight during the night. I remember our family driving through deep waters, after. I was elated at the “no-school aspect” of it, too! I’m speaking mainly of Donna which came through Plant City (near the Gulf coast) in 1962, I think. The eye passed right over us! The winds were blowing one way, then eerie dead quiet, then the winds blew strong in the opposite direction! Mama said our hedge looked like a mix master had scrambled it.

    As a kid, I wasn’t afraid because I was with my family and I thought our house could protect us.

    I know the truth of your illustration here, and experience has taught me that He is always with me, getting me through the storms—every time, but, some storms seem to never be over. The long length of the multi-sided storm, or, back-to-back storms, we are encountering over the last year and a half have been difficult to bear. Yet, I know He is with us, leading us, protecting us, providing for us.


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