Jesus Sees

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… Jesus turning and seeing her…

Matthew 9:22

To many of the people in that crowd, she was faceless. Just one more person in a crowd. Odds are, nothing about her stood out. But Jesus turned and saw her. Ever feel like just one of many? Like a nameless face in a crowd?

I have a map of the world on the wall in front of my desk. When I look at it, I feel so small and insignificant. The city I live in isn’t even on there. There’s nothing about me that stands out, nothing that sets me apart. I’m a widow, a mom, a grandmother, a co-worker, a sister, probably as are many of you. When I read this, though, this morning, I lay my head down, closed my eyes and tried to imagine Jesus turning to see me. Me. In a city that isn’t even on a map of the world, He turns and sees me! He turns and sees you! Isn’t that amazing?

The story continues to be amazing. After Jesus turned, after Jesus saw her, He immediately addressed her need and she was healed! At that very moment some translations say. Whatever you may be going through, Jesus sees. If you feel abandoned by Him, tell Him. If you need to experience Him in a tangible way, ask Him. If you aren’t too sure of His love for you, let Him know you want to know, you need to know of His love for you. If you have a need that has gone unmet, touch Him through your prayers, see Him turning to see you, and know that He is your healer. He is aware of your deepest point of need and willing and able to touch minister to that need. What He has done for one He will do for others. What He did for this woman, He will do for you and for me – turn, see, heal. Isn’t that amazing?

Jesus, what a wonder You truly are! To think that You see me, You see my deepest need even when I don’t have words to tell You about it. Thank You for turning in my direction, for seeing me, for healing me. Help me to let those truths sink down deep into my heart, help me to see You as clearly as You saw that woman, as clearly as You see me. I ask in Jesus’s name, Amen.

I would love to hear from you. Please let me know if I can be praying for you as well.



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