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I did it again!

How did I do that?

Why did I let that happen?

I meant to. I wanted to.

But the day just got away from me

And I knew You’d be there – later.

When did You go from being first in my life

to being an “Also Ran”?

Dinner wouldn’t wait

but You did.

The boss needed me early

what could I say?

Work, family, dinner, garden, getting groceries, laundry

where did the time go?

Why didn’t You speak louder?

Why is it so easy to have You wait

when my life won’t?

I come to You when I am hurting

when my world crashes in

when the emptiness inside me

causes me to implode.

I come then.

Kind of like a last resort.

When I am out of me

I turn to You.

And I tell myself – tomorrow I will do my day differently.

Tomorrow You will be first.

I promise.


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